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Markus Persson, whom you could understand as Notch initially developed Minecraft.

As a result of Minecraft's success, Markus formed his own firm in 2009. Mojang AB now has two titles. Minecraft Scrolls and Markus' latest effort, The Minecraft Xbox 360 edition, both are becoming a huge success. Mojang AB is also releasing the latest Cobalt Oxeye Studio game.

Markus Persson left his job for an established game programmer to make his own game. Excited, although unemployed, Markus sought inspiration, he also came from the independent game development site, Tigsource. Markus realized the potential of something great, although deep down it was a simple game. Markus began working on a new job several weeks after Infiniminer was discontinued.

This is a game about breaking and establishing blocks. The main motivation was to produce an encounter where each individual part felt pleasure. A game that can be emerging and accessible.

Things began to escalate. A reference on the official Team Fortress 2 website, as well as an interview for PC Gamer, presented a wider audience and Minecraft. The Minecraft train was accelerating.

But maybe he collected a rate that was an excessive amount of. Due to the absolute number of players, the Minecraft web server crashed on September 18, 2010. And things were just beginning. A video showing the commitment to produce a 1: 1 replica of one type went viral, and generated YouTube views. Minecraft was getting harder to discard. A creepyly accurate representation appeared, as did rMS Titanic, a marriage proposal from a BioShock Rapture Bioware programmer: the potential Minecraft community appeared. YouTube made it easy to rate, even when you really didn't play.

Markus began working on a Halloween update that brought a ball of blocks that were new to the sport, such as pumpkins, work clocks and fish. But just ten days before launch, 85,000 bots were initiated by dissatisfied users on Minecraft servers, which were blocked. On October 30, the Halloween update began despite the irritation, providing the ability to develop the fiery hell of the Minecraft site, covered in lava and ruled by burning animals.

On December 20, 2010 it was declared that Minecraft was formally in beta. Notepads were presented, starting a completely new race, musical parody, and allowing players to make music in Minecraft.

Shortly after, the awards began to arrive. The beds were introduced. The main protagonist of Minecraft, Steve, came to love a well-deserved nap (although he slept on the sheets and dressed).

The relentless adventure update was released. He introduced the terrifying Endermen, state-of-the-art battle mechanisms, as well as a hunger meter. People started putting things together in trains, planes and cars.

Minecraft was formally launched at the 2011 MineCon keynote conference on November 18. Was legendary

They had been working together for more than a year, so Markus was not worried. Jeb continues since then, updating Minecraft with weekly photos. The Elephantine NPCs, maps, pistons, tamable animals, as well as The Ending followed. And it is still evolving.

The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft was launched that provides the opportunity to experience Minecraft for console players. More records were broken. 4J Studios are in charge of the port and, therefore, devote their time to the meeting with the greatest potential.

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