Creative Destruction Hack to Become Cleaver Pro Tips

Hey Gamer's Welcome back. I Know in these days many people and Children play online Games at Home the Cause of Corona Mean Covid-19. First of all I requested to my audience Please Stay at Home and save you family member. 

Now come to Point. Today my post about how we become Cleaver Pro in Creative Destruction Game.

How we improve In Creative Destruction Game. 

Creative Destruction Hack to Become Cleaver Pro Tips

I Give you some Amazing Trick to Become Quickly Pro in Creative Destruction Game.

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Are you trying to be a pro in creative destruction even if you are a noob. Then follow all the given instructions to become a pro:


Fix White screen error in game Check Here

How to to fix stream updates for Creative Destruction game Check Here

when you Start Game then First use Jumping Trick!

Start jumping along the way, press the space bar rapidly to jump regularly. Benefits of jumping are given below:

  • If someone is trying to snipe you, then you are safe with the Help of Jumping.

  • If someone is attacking you with a rifle then he can't make a perfect aim.

  • when any enemies come to close for killing you then you make Building and jump then fire with Shotgun on Enemies Head. this is the first basic Trick for Become pro,


Shotgun is my favorite gun, because if you fire once in the enemies head, he will be eliminated. Every pro always keeps a shotgun in their hand and most of the enemies are defeated with it.Only use "S1897 Shotgun".

Shotgun always use for making Cleaver PRO. I request to first make custom room and fight with friend with shotgun for training for making Expert.


Dismantling objects and building is the best advantage to protect yourself. Try to build walls when anyone is firing at you. Use the quick build also.

make  you speed to making building.

First you collect many Building Box and then Upgrade 1 into 5 Level and make Pro Defiance. 


Best Guns for Killing

Creative Destruction Hack to Become Cleaver Pro Tips

Red Square Box Gun also use for making pro These of all my Favorite Guns I like it very Much,

Creative Destruction Hack to Become Cleaver Pro Tips

Try to carry 4 rifles (include a shotgun, AK-47, scar etc.), med kit and a Rocket Launcher.

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