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Need For Speed II Features

  • Optimized Graphics
  • Enhanced Sound and Music
  • Latest Car Models
  • 3 Camera Views during Race
  • Race Replay
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Large Number of Cheat codes supported.
  • FZR car and Hollywood racing tracks are best.
How to use cheats code in Need for Speed 2 SE

Enter one of the following codes on any screen to unlock the corresponding effect.
Beeping Horn Crashes Opponent: roadrage
Unlock Beer Box: go50
Unlock Blue Sedan: go23
Unlock Bomber BFS car: bomber
Unlock Chase Mode: chase
Unlock Crate: go40
Unlock Crate 1: go49
Unlock Daytona Car: tombstone
Unlock Different Colors: madland
Unlock Dinosaur Traffic: rexrage
Unlock Ford Indigo: red racer
Unlock FZR 2000 Car: fzr2000
Unlock Green VW: go27
Unlock Grey Convertible: go28
Unlock Hand Cart: go41
Unlock Increased Traffic: rushhour
Unlock Limousine: go35
Unlock Limousine Traffic: vip
Unlock Log: go48
Unlock Mercedes Unimog Army Truck: go31
Unlock Monolithic Studio Track: hollywood
Unlock News Stand: go47
Unlock Pickup: go19
Unlock Pioneer Engine: pioneer
Unlock Rain Mode: rain
Unlock Rock: go51
Unlock School Bus: go18
Unlock School Bus Traffic: schoolzone
Unlock Slot Car Mode: slot
Unlock Slow Motion: slip
Unlock Smoking cow Tires: mad
Unlock Souvenir Stand: go45
Unlock Souvenir Stand: go46
Unlock Tram: go34
Unlock Truck: go21
Unlock Tyrannosaurus Rex: go43
Unlock Various Objects: go (18 - 51)
Unlock Wild West Wagon: go44
Unlock Wooden Stand: go42
Unlock Yellow Snow Truck: go33

Adding More weight to Car:
When you have set a track record enter 'silspd' without the quotes as your name and your car will be heavier when you race next.

How to Unlock The New Cares in Need for Speed 2 SE

Go to the game menu and Type FZR 2000

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