How do We use OpenIV: Gta Mods working with OpenIV

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We think about OpenIV why we use OpenIV and how it work for PC Games.

Little bit About OpenIV Information.

  • Download the OpenIV program;
  • Launch the OVI setup;
  • Choose your language;
  • Read, then accept the Software License Terms;
  • Choose Install OpenIV to this computer;
  • The program might download a small 20MB file. Click OK;
  • Done!
This software actually create for modification games File, We can customize any file in game directory And use Mod.
GTA 5 game is more popular and amazing offline and online game. Open IV software use for GTA 5 to use new cars Mods and maps and characters. we can get custom thing and get more Asi loader to use Gta 5 Cheats code.

How to use OpenIV
  1. Launch the newly installed OpenIV app.
  2. Choose Grand Theft Auto 5 Windows.
  3. Click on the Browse button and then navigate to the Grand Theft Auto 5 root folder.
  4. The green text should appear below the Grand Theft Auto 5 location textbox indicating OpenIV can work with this file.
  5. Click on Continue.

Download Open IV for PC Version.

Download File

We can use this Open IV software to use for some Best games. Gta 5, Max Payne 3, Gta 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 use for modify game.

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