Max Payne Cheats Code For PC (2022)

Hi guys welcome to my gaming world so we talk about our professional Game Max Payne PC Cheats code.

so we talk about cheats code why we use and how it work and lets start.......

What are the cheats code and why we use ?

when we play simple game without cheats or trainer, so when we play difficult level and we defeat again and again. We not complete level and not go next level then cheats code help to skip next level and make more fun so we use cheats code to make easy game to paly and with max power and health.

So I provide a beautiful cheats code for Max Payne for PC.

Here are some steps listed to help you apply the cheats in your game:

  1. First of all, open the Max Payne .
  2. While playing your game or in the cheat section of the game, type in the following cheats.
  3. Now, Enjoy playing with amazing abilities.
After cheat account Ban or Corrupt Game files ?

No its not True Your account and game Fully safe no issue you can face after using Max Payne cheats code.

Cheats code of Max Payne 2022 

Here is the list:

  • GiveAllWeapons: All Weapons are unlocked.
  • GetBaseballBat: Gives a Baseball Bat.
  • god: It makes the player character impervious to pain, damage or loss of health.
  • GetBeretta: Gives a single Beretta.
  • GetBerettaDual: Gives Dual Berettas.
  • GetDesertEagle: Gives a Desert Eagle.
  • GetIngram: Gives a single Ingram.
  • GetIngramDual: Gives dual Ingrams.
  • GetJackhammer: Gives a Jackhammer shotgun.
  • GetM79: Gives a M79 grenade launcher.
  • GetPumpShotgun: Gives a pump-action shotgun.
  • GetSawedShoutgun: Gives a sawed-off shotgun.
  • GetSniper: Gives a sniper rifle.
  • GetBulletTime: Refills the Bullet Time meter.
  • GetMolotov: Refills your Molotov Cocktails.
  • GetGrenade: Refills your grenades.
  • GetPainkillers: Refills your painkillers.
  • GetHealth: Refills health.
  • GetInfiniteAmmo: Gives infinite ammo to all weapons.
  • mortal: It makes the player character feel all pain, damage or loss of health.
  • noclip: Eliminates clipping and allows the player character to fly through walls, and even reach explorable areas cut from the finalized game.
  • noclip_off: Turns off no-clipping mode.
  • ShowFPS: Shows the number of frames per second the game is running on.


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