Diablo Immortal PC Crash on startup Fix

 So guys finally I found a new some about Diablo Immortal game.

Hy guys I am Shoaib king today I will fix PC Crash on startup of Diablo Immortal game.

Diablo Immortal game release this month and everyone know all new game not work directly on PC.

We face some old and new issues about games but don't worry guys I am here, I found best solution for every game easy and useful.

Diablo Immortal Trainer is available here 

So let's go and learn how to fix this error,

How to fix ?

Most of the time the issue is leftover gamepad/ controller drivers. Here is the list of possible fixes.

1. It might not be gamepad drivers issue, but the Discord

overlay enabled. Check if disabling discord overlay fixes it

2. If 1. doesn't work, try to unninstall some HID devices that look like some leftovers you don't use. You shouldn't unninstall anything important in this section. If you unninstall your keyboard etc., just unplug it and plug it back.

3. Different fix: Unninstall any drivers/programs related to gamepad devices you were using in the past/you use now.

4. Different fix: well this is crazy solution but you can also do a fresh windows install. Of course use this option only if you were already planning it or nothing else works.

 Since your Windows install will be fresh and clear, there's no way some gamepad drivers will make issue for Diablo Immortal.

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