Diablo Immortal Cheat Codes Unlocked powers

 So guys welcome back another interesting and amazing post. Today we talk about Diablo Immortal game cheats. 

Cheats code are available for Diablo Immortal game. Now we play this game easily with the help of cheats and enjoy crazy abilities and new beautiful levels.

This cheats code is only provide for PC version. 

Android, Iphone and I pad Diablo Immortal game version is available but not cheats.

Cheats code is available only for PC version.


Diablo Immortal Cheats 

Here you can get the list of cheats code. you can use in your game enjoy and unlocked some amazing feature and abilities.

Unlock hard levels and get more fun.

List of cheats:

Result/Cheat Code/Provider

Resources #Y3csSgBBO John the Ripper

daily reward #g1GT2Yv0u arnams

welcome bundle #qeFiRD9HT Nmap

special offer #gTnqmHJtx Wireshark

booster pack #IdpMlx18q OpenVAS

stamina #2W3nQTcUC IronWASP

premium troops #yG3MdaJpC Nikto

offline reward #PMUCeRUjW SQLMap

active points #gVV9mlxac SQLNinja

speed up #HWRjcy8a7 Wapiti

secret combination #inpG2xr3l Maltego

deluxe pack #FW3EPe4Ll AirCrack-ng

upgrade #FpMbV5Y6c Metasploit

booster pack #9pmHFDtqi Reaver

special reward #RIHsVUjRt Ettercap 

How trainer work in game.

You can use the trainer in your game.

Trainer is the best and easy way to use cheats code with finger tips.

So go and download Cheats code trainer.

Download trainer 

Password 🔑 is (crogamingzone)


  1. password please?

    1. Please redownload this trainer I updated now password is crogamingzone

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