RUS-79U And Peacekeeper MK2 Call of Duty Mobile Loadout Top Rated Gun

 Hey guys Call of duty mobile game making so popular and ranking in world.

But one problem we can not decided which gun is best for shooting. we see a lot of video which is best gun for short and long range gun and best fast fire rate.


My experience about call of duty mobile game. We use a different gun but seriously i am not satisfied about most gun.
I am trying trying but finally i get the best gun for call of duty.

So this gun is so osm and This loadout is fully designed to get low recoil and better accuracy. 
So this gun is so quickly and fast fire.

1: Peacekeeper MK2

My favorite gun in game is Peacekeeper MK2. this gun is so fast and very fast action..if you not try this so go and use this one because when i use this gun i won more Match. 

Peacekeeper MK2 gun fully automatic machine gun and i recommend this gun play with this and make gold level.
i hope you enjoy this gun so much.
this gun is full range and make your accuracy perfect and you can defeat fast. You can find this gun in Assault 

2: Rus-79U

Second medium and small range shooting gun Rus-79U. Very popular gun but i dont about you this gun you try. But i love this gun for most shooting. This 

Rus gun second most my favorite for quick dangerous damage gun for ranking  I also recommend this gun setting to quick show ads and reloading speed.
see photos and make your gun settings like this. i hope you make a pro quick and fast .

If you have any questions then comment me i will help you.


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