Free Fire ping problem in Pakistan | solve ping issues and lags

 Free Fire game Lovers Pakistani friends, In these days we face many issues in Pakistan server. Everyone knows when we play a game suddenly pin goes up then we cannot kill any enemies in-game. Many people are very sad about this reason but don't worry about I will tell you why Ping go high and how we fix this.  

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Why ping up and Down problem!

1: The first reason when we play a game suddenly anyone sends a message on your phone then internet go slow down and your ping goes high and the game not playable 

2: when a new update appears for the game then many people play free fire. In this case, the Pakistan server is full and we face ping issues in-game.

3:when you play the game on mobile data anyone calls you, in this time your mobile data go off and call the mode on then you ping show +999 and you cannot kill anyone in-game.

How to solve ping issues in Pakistan server or other servers.

I give you a very important file for your free fire game after using this your gameplay smoother and your ping 50 or 60 in this range and your game lag issue solve.

First, download these files and then use them in the game.

How to use these files in the game.

First, find a download file related to your mobile device then go (mobile storage) and find Android, open the Data folder then find free fire game data and paste this configuration file then restart your phone then you issue to solve if you feel good to share this post and leave a comment.


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