Hey Guys welcome back another interesting post A lot of people commented me on my post; "Gfx Tool 0.17.9 for PUBG Game Pro version Download" that how can they edit "ULUS10466.ini" file on android / mobile. Then I thought to write a post on this topic so it may be helpful for them who use android to play tekken 6. In this post i wanna tell you how to use on android So I think we have talked enough, lets go to the point.

Now, Open it and go to the location where you have "ULUS10466.ini" file.

First Download "ES File Explorer" from here: Download

Click on it, And select "ES Note Editor"

Click the ፧ icon on the top right and press "Edit" then paste the whole text in it.

Now Save all the changes by pressing the going back button "" on the top left.

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