Assassin's Creed 3 - Fix Lag & Boost FPS On PC

Assassin Creed was Historical Story. Assassin Creed game made on old History people life, now this game make very Popular. My new post about Assassin Creed 3 game. How we run this game on low spec PC. I guess you Get a 1 GB video card and 4 GB ram.Then play this Game.

If you want to play this game on low pc then Follow my Steps....

These are the 100% working methods to fix lag. I Guarantee you'll get 100% Performance on assassin creed 3 game.

  • Change Virtual Memory

  • Application close

  • close options 

  • Change game setting

Change Virtual Memory:

First of all Right click on my PC and click on Property button show System Screen.

system protection

Click Advanced and Change Virtual memory and then save/ apply.

Save and Follow new Step.

Application close:

Now Close your all Extra Programs and application, Press Ctrl+Alt Del and see extra program off go to the next Option.

close options :

See Internet connection and Close PC internet Next and final Step......

I am also running assassin's creed 3 on my core 2 duo PC. First it lags a bit but when doing some settings in it, My game performance is being doubled and i am now playing it on very nice graphic settings and it is not lagging anymore.

Making Changes in .INI Files Change Game setting:

Go to your "documents" folder.

Go to "Assassin's Creed III" folder.

Now right click on "Assassin3.ini" file and click on "edit".

  • Now do the settings as follows:

DisplayWidth=800    OR    DisplayWidth=640 DisplayHeight=480








PostFX=0                  (ADD THIS LINE YOURSELF)

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