Hack Worms 3d 100% Unlocked All Levels, Voices, Places

Hack Worms 3d 100% Unlocked All Levels, Voices, Places 

I am giving you a save file of worms 3d. I have completed the game 100%. All levels, Voices, Places and etc. are unlocked. You will get a step by step guide to how to hack worms 3d. So let’s go.

After using this file game start play on PC. 

How to use this :

First of all Download file here Click this Button for downloading New page open and Wait 15 second

Step 1 

Open the folder where you have installed the worm 3d.

Step 2 

Go to “Data” folder and overwrite the save files given below.

“SaveGame.xom” and “DefSave.xom” 

Step 3 

Open the game, Select the Language and Enjoy The Fun!!!!!!!!!!

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